"Peter has a rare insight into an actor's strengths and weaknesses.  With his talent and experience as an actor, coach and director he understands the need for a personal connection for each character.  He guided me through numerous character development exercises that granted me the freedom to approach any technique for any given character.  He is an artist"

                                        --Sam Hamill, Lifetime Member of the Actors Studio, www.samhamill.biz


"In the past several years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Peter as both a student and producer.  He creates a safe and supportive environment in which the actor can take creative risks and explore those places that bring a character to life - both in the classroom and on stage.  He has a knack for recognizing when actors get "stuck" and knows exactly what questions to ask to guide them to a clearer understanding of the character's (and playwright's) intentions.  He demands hard work from his actors but all in the name of finding the truth in the moment.  If you ever have the opportunity to work with him, I say take it!

                                    --Becky Burkhard, Producer


I feel so lucky that I landed in Peter's class in my first year in NYC. He is a warm, insightful and passionate teacher - he sees the truth and guides his students to find it. Peter values in equal measure the text, grounding yourself through relaxation and pushing yourself through character work. He creates a wonderfully safe space and encourages you to be brave in the work."                                                                                                                  

                                   -- Megan Ferguson, Actor  ( Love and Other Drugs, The Comedians, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire )


"Peter takes a very direct, honest, and straightforward approach to his work with actors.  He untangles a lot of things that might get in an actor's way, as opposed to further mystifying "the process".  His coaching sessions were invaluable to me while I was preparing my work for graduate school auditions.  I remember a class with Peter where someone asked a specific question about a particularly esoteric part of the acting process...His essential response was to forget about it.  Instead, he told us to go home, lock our door, turn off our phones and just start imagining and living in the world of our characters.  Peter taught an important lesson that day about what goes into an actor's preparation for a role.  And really all that must: imagination and hard work"

                                       --Mickey Theis, MFA Acting '14, Yale School of Drama, https://mickeytheis.bandcamp.com

"The stakes feel very high when you're auditioning for graduate school.  I had overworked my audition monologue in attempt to polish it into what I though would be the perfect, albeit expected, audition package.  Peter helped me to step back from my over-analysis and truly connected to the character and the text.  He guided me to find the emotional truth within myself and ultimately really empathize with the character.  i understood the text on a much more personal level and could genuinely connect with it in performance.  Through Peter's patience and intuitive guidance, I was able to rid the personal judgement that comes with initial biased assumptions upon first reading a script, as well as self and audience awareness.  Without that unnecessary pressure, I was able to step away from indicating my performance to really experiencing it honestly.  Instead of being nervous about what the panel might think on the day of my graduate school audition, I was excited to show them the work I felt completely comfortable in and more than ready to share"

                                          --Katherine Wright, Harvard University MFA Acting

I met Peter Jensen in the fall of 2001 and he was one of my first Acting teachers here in New York City and a teacher I still see today.  Not only has Peter taught me the fundamentals needed to be an actor, but he is the kind of teacher that you can always depend on and/or call upon if you need any help. He is extremely collaborative and beyond supportive with his students and if you are looking for a teacher to go easy on you then don’t pick Peter.  He constantly pushes his students and expects greatness in them because he is a believer and knows we must push ourselves to grow and learn. He has taught me to be a responsible actor, a respectful scene partner and a risk taker in my work.  He always challenges me, which is why I keep going back to Peter.  And besides he is just a really great guy and a teacher I am grateful to know and learn from.

                                        --Angie Canuel, Actress ( Broadway, The Producers, On the Town, Big Fish )


I've never received such a gift as to happen upon Peter Jensen at T Schreiber Studio. I went to an informational seminar and immediately vibed with whatever Peter Jensen happened to say that day. I took his class. For years. That was the best acting training I ever received. Subtle and real and deep. And following his encouragement I auditioned for a play I never thought I'd get (cause I thought I couldn't do a Manchester dialect). I got it, I worked hard, because he put the idea in my mind that I was capable. It was the beginning of my true work as an actor. I've be lucky enough to work with Peter many times as a director and once or twice as a fellow actor and every experience is cherished, and not only that, intriguing. I look forward to what's left, what other bits of magic the man may incite in me. A great teacher, a great human. Thank you Peter

                                        --Jamie Neumann, Actor, Writer, Director,http://drowninginblue.squarespace.com/


"Peter Jensen taught me how to be self-sufficient as an actor.  He taught me how to question myself, the world of the play, and the greater world outside the theater.  He taught me how to be an artist."

                                      --Josh Sienkiewicz, Actor, Writer, http://drowninginblue.squarespace.com/


"Peter Jensen is an exceptionally talented teacher and actor. In his acting class he creates a nurturing and safe environment to work, make mistakes and grow. He would always listen to my needs and help me find a scene to suite them. Peter is very open to exploring different approaches to acting depending on your personality. He is honest if something doesn't work and it's always constructive criticism considerate of his fellow artists. I also had multiple chances to work with him in film as an actor. Peter is a generous, creative partner ready to play and experiment. You can almost smell his passion and how he enjoys acting after some time of teaching and directing. On a side note, many editors are in love with his eyes:)"

                                         --Irina Varina, Actor, Filmmaker, www.irinavarina.com